North Carolina Vacation & Travel Guide

North Carolina Travel Guide

North Carolina - From the Mountains to the stunning coastline North Carolina will give you a holiday to cherish. The Appalachian mountain chain runs through the western part of the state, forming the lush landscape of the region, enjoy 250 miles of the world-famous Blue Ridge Parkway winding through North Carolina's mountains.  As you leave the Mountains the central part of the state, offers gentle rolling covering nearly one half of North Carolina in the central part of the state and boasts is home to the state's largest cities. Renowned for its tobacco farms, shopping Mecca’s, top golf courses and abundant historic sites. Then there is the stunning coastline - warmed by the Gulf Stream, the North Carolina Coast is a sunny place filled with pristine beaches, giant sand dunes and wetlands filled with wildlife and a variety of plants. The defining characteristic of the area is the Outer Banks, a chain of fragile barrier islands - 130 miles of unspoiled coastline surrounded by 900 square miles of water.


The Towns and Cities of North Carolina....

Great Smoky Mountains

Whether you delight in the challenge of a strenuous hike to the crest of a mountain or prefer to sit quietly and watch the sun set, Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers a myriad of activities for you to enjoy. The hardest part may be choosing which auto tour, trail, waterfall, overlook, or historic area to explore!

Touring the Smokies